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Eris Giovanni, wife of Cicero Giovanni.

A Apache woman, tried to work with the WACKS in the world war, Eris was turning into a Malkavian in 1943. She hid in a shipping container. That container was locked away, trapping her, until 2006 when she game to Atlanta. In Atlanta she held a crap ton of positions ranging from Prince (twice), to Harpy, Primogen, and Welcome Wagon. At some point, she started a Romance with Cicero and he figured out a way to turn her back human…then back vampire, only Giovanni this time. This… couldn't possibly go wrong, right? So, Eris Giovanni is basically an abomination of Malkavian abilities wrapping in a Giovanni package of necromancy. Fun right? Some people wanna kill her, some people think she is a hoot. Basically, she is up for anything. She left Atlanta in 2014 to Join her Husband in Los Vegas.

Things of Note: Former Prince of Atlanta, and Former Malkavian. Currently a Giovanni.

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