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Key West

Hurricane Xander slammed the coast of Florida, another odd strange occurrence struck the small chain of islands only approachable by boat or bridge. For three days and nights not only did the power go out along the Keys but the huge storms that have been driving against the keys have left the island in near pitch darkness for the duration. Rescue crews have been unable to approach the islands as the storm and surprising pull of the currents has left the island isolated. Odd moans and shrieks have been heard at those times the storm slackened.

A group of National guard workers braved all the conditions to report the island itself looks as if “hell itself opened a hole and swallowed the brave souls living on the Keys“. According to reports local bad girl and celebrity star Giannaluca Giovanni and her notable estate suffered particularly in the raging storm that enveloped the island. Her entire compound has been washed out to sea and not a soul survived the storm. In fact only a handful of survivors have been found. To a one they just muttered something about the cold touch of death. After a few days, even the survivors succumbed to shock and fatigue.

All efforts to restore power to the Islands are stymied by comtinuing powerful, unpredictable storms, and a deadly undercurrent. Occasionally a small flickering light can be seen where the Giovanni Manse stood along with the hoot and holler of laughter..

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