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Around 2008 to 2010, Miami, Last bastion of the Camarilla in Florida was invaded by Kristoff. It's Prince had retreated to Atlanta to seek assistance from it's fearsomely reputed Citizens. In Celonius' absence, the City's defenses caved in and fell. Celonius' Childe, Selene fell prey to the machinations of Kristoff and is reputedly serving him as his principal lieutenant. Driven by her extreme hatred for her Sire, she seems to rage all the stronger. It is rumored that you can still hear her taunting Miami and Celonius all the way from Orlando.

Miami was lost indeed lost to the Kristoff, apparently he got tired of playing with his toys and stomped Miami into play doh. However, in doing so, he weakened his defenses and fell prey to Quixicotl and the Mexican Sabbat. In an ancillary note, taking Miami briefly cost Kristoff his home in Florida. Now Miami sits a warzone between two rival Sabbat groups and a vastly outnumbered Camarilla.

Numerous noteworthy Kindred fought and continue to fight in Miami.

Among the most notable of these Kindred:

  • Marv of Brush
  • Abel of Brujah
  • Celonious of Ventrue
  • Raven of Brujah
  • Jedea Marshall of Brujah
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