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Orlando / DisneyWorld

Ahh, Disneyworld! Home to the Great Mouse, fun times for every boy and girl. Oh and an insane ancient Sabbat Tzimiscie named Kristoff the Toymaker. Bishop Kristoff has long been known to both give “Gifts” - Toys theat cause mayhem and murder upon local cities nearby.. It's often rumored that if Kristoff ever decided to actually leave the state of Florida, nothing the Camarilla has could stop the combined power of the Lord of Orlando and all his “toys”.

What does that mean to Atlanta? Orlando is both thorn and panacea for the denizens of Terminus. Though he torments it's populace, Kristoff is rumored to be far too much of a homebody to actually strike out from his Domain. And as he considers all of the Southeast kinda his play-pen.. He mercilessly and happily monkey-stomps any Sabbat incursion into his playground. So for now Atlanta looks warily to the ominous threat of Orlando and it's Great Black Mouse.

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