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The Blade of Wrath

An ancient cutlass said to contain the soul of a powerful Brujah that was destroyed in an arcane ritual performed by a cabal of Elder Giovanni in the 1500s, the Blade of Wrath is said to contain a rage so powerful that it can damage and destroy any living creature regardless of form or immunities. The blade is etched with the faces of demons that appear to writhe and scream and a large ruby adorns the pommel. The Blade of Wrath was purchased from Salvatore Giovanni in an auction by Dr Ted Vail, who has not been seen since. Rumors abound that Vail was acting as an agent of Bron Giovanni who is the actual owner of the blade. A sword matching the Blade of Wrath's description was wielded by Dante de la Hoya of the Nosferatu and used to subdue the Lasombra Antitribu, Father Black, in August of 2000. The blade resurfaced again in December of 2000, wielded by an unknown individual named Kung Pao and was instrumental in the subdual of the Tzimisce Antitribu, Luther Simons. Could the weapon be in the hands of Sabbat agents?

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