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 ====== The Mound ====== ====== The Mound ======
-Also known as the Gangrel ​Mound. While the Mound has been commonly held as the Domain ​of the Gangrel, this strange earthen structure has passed through many hands and had its fair share of unusual happeningsIn the distant past, it was even said to be the internment ​place for a restless ancient Kindred ​or nature spirit. It also seems to be a constant and irresistible siren to numerous twisted Garou. Some claim the Mound was originally a Caern, or place of spiritual power of the Garou, it was apparently corrupted into a place of spiritual power for the darker Garou. +The Mound is a place of spiritual power for the Gangrel. ​ ​Said ​to be the burial ​place for the remains of powerful kindred ​or nature spirit, it is a place that calls to the animalistic Gangrel.
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