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-Also known as the Gangrel ​Mound. While the Mound has been commonly held as the Domain of the Gangrel, this strange earthen structure has passed through many hands and had its fair share of unusual happenings. In the distant past, it was even said to be the internment place for a restless ancient Kindred or nature spirit. It also seems to be a constant and irresistible siren to numerous twisted Garou. Some claim the Mound was originally a Caern, or place of spiritual power of the Garou, it was apparently corrupted into a place of spiritual power for the darker Garou.+====== The Mound ======
 +The Mound is a place of spiritual power for the Gangrel. ​ Said to be the burial place for the remains of a powerful kindred or nature spirit, it is a place that calls to the animalistic Gangrel.
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