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Lady Vladishlava Saltykov , The Countess of DeWitherin

Born: October 1, 1754

Embraced: December 24, 1784

The Lady V, as she allows those to call her today, is the unknown daughter of Catherine the Great and Count Sergei Vasilievich Saltykov. While her Twin brother Paul I was raised as the great heir, Vlad was tucked away and grew as a loved but spoiled child within Saltykov’s home. She grew up around the skirts of court and wanted for nothing. Vlad married a nearly unknown Russian Count and bore her husband a beautiful healthy child. The child would however, die from a missals outbreak and her husband would find himself unable to live with his grief. Left a widow, she would return to her childhood home to find a gentleman whose joy it was to pull her away from her grief. After a handful of years a his ghoul, she earned his trust and her place within his world. He embraced her: Peter Koskov. She was pulled into the Clan Venture. (1784) Inside of the clan’s arms, Vlad found herself very useful. She has an eye for things other do not and walks among the very highest circles. Over the years she has used her talent for language to work with the international level of the family. Her ability with language is hard for anyone to match. After her embrace, Vlad was almost within the most Elite. She is noted to have fought within with Garou Wars of Russia and having faced Babba Yagga.

Noticeable Traits: Vlad as dead white eye. This was noted around 1790, as she did not have it before then.

Notable Timeline events: 1789- Lesser Harrpy of St. Petersburg, Russia

1791- Seneshal of St. Petersburg, Russia

1840- Prince of St. Petersburg

1990- Lictor of North Western Russia and the Upper Lines

2010- Strategor of Russia & It's Lessers

2017- Prince of Atlanta, Ga

2018- Strategor of Russia & It's Lessers

Current known location: Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Vlad was Prince of Atlanta from January 2017 to May 2018. After this time, she was pulled back up into the clan position of Strategoi.

Known Childer: Torin Haegar

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